Sign the Equality Model pledge

And join the movement to create an exploitation-free world.

I believe in true equality. A significant power imbalance typically exists between those who purchase sex (often relatively  privileged men) and those who are being purchased (often vulnerable women and girls, especially women and girls of color). The sex trade is an inherently unequal system. 

I understand that full decriminalization expands the sex trade and leads to a spike in commercial sexual exploitation. Pimps and traffickers support legalizing and decriminalizing the sex trade because increasing the demand for prostituted persons is good for them economically.

I know that the sex trade is driven by third-party exploiters, including pimps and traffickers, and fueled by buyers. Men who purchase sex often perpetrate violence upon those they exploit, causing irrevocable harm. We cannot eliminate the harms that are inherent in the sex trade through regulation. For these reasons, legalization and decriminalization of the sex trade are not viable, survivor-centered policies. 

I understand that consent cannot be purchased. The power and control imbalances that exist between men who purchase sex and the prostituted persons they purchase impair true consent, regardless of the money or services exchanged. 

I recognize that for most, the sex trade does long-term damage to the body, mind and spirit. This is why a just and equitable society should not view the buying of another human being as inevitable or acceptable.

I embrace the idea that prostituted persons should be treated as victims of a crime, not criminals. I am committed to ensuring that all survivors have the support services they need to exit the sex trade.

I’m ready to truly listen to, and stand with, survivors. Those who have survived prostitution and trafficking are the best authorities on their own experiences. When over 200 survivors from across the US sign an open letter opposing the decriminalization of pimping, sex buying, and brothel owning, we need to listen. And we need to act.

It’s time to support the Equality Model, which seeks to decriminalize those who are bought and sold, provide support services, including exit strategies, to help them rebuild their lives, and hold sex buyers and third-party exploiters (pimps, brothel owners, etc.) accountable for the harms that they cause.